Your Stories


We hope some of the stories below are encouraging to you. If you have a story you’d like to share, please submit it here. We love to hear how Blue Ridge Women’s Center has impacted you.

My eyes filled with tears as I began to think back about my life two years ago, and how terrified I was. I was in an abusive relationship with a drug dealer, and I was completely unsure of myself as a soon-to-be mother. I came to your center with that drug dealer, and then I began coming by myself. Your advice and support, along with that of my family, led me to escape that awful life that I was headed toward. You helped give me the courage to not only do what was best for my child, but also what was best for myself….I don’t think that I would have found God, gone to and graduated from nursing school, and found a man who loves me and my son as his own if I hadn’t walked in those doors of your center when I did….I am truly grateful for your support and blessed to have such a wonderful gift of a child out of such a bad situation.”

“When I first went to the Blue Ridge Women’s Center, I was so afraid and nervous about the whole thing. But once I realized that they were there to help care for me and my unborn baby, I became really relieved. I felt so comfortable, as if they knew me already. I have a lot to thank the BRWC for and I look forward to seeking more help and information from them. They helped my life so much.”

“I would like to thank BRWC for their help and guidance throughout my pregnancy…They didn’t judge or make me feel bad about being a teen mom. I will always think of the staff at the BRWC as part of my family!”

“There [aren’t] enough words to express how thankful I am to have met you. Lately, there have been times I’ve felt like giving up on life because I felt like no one understands or everyone judges me for my mistakes. But with you from the start I felt comfortable. You took time to listen…”

“Blue Ridge Women’s Center has certainly changed my life. I found out I was pregnant for the first time and the staff and physicians were so helpful in my decision into keeping my unborn child.”

“When I first visited the Blue Ridge Women’s Center, I was 19 and had just taken an at-home, dollar-store pregnancy test…It of course was positive, but I didn’t trust it. I had no insurance and was broke until my next payday. So I called my sister and she told me about this place. She gave me the number and I called. Unlike the doctors’ offices, I got in right away and that same day found out that I definitely was pregnant. I was scared because I felt like I was too young, but the people there were so warm and welcoming. I don’t believe in abortion, so for me that was out of the question. The counselor that I had was very nice and was able to give me reassurance that everything would be okay. My daughter is almost two now and I wouldn’t have been able to cope with my unplanned pregnancy if it weren’t for them! Thank you BRWC!”

“A wonderful center for people in my position. I just wish I would’ve worked with BRWC through some of my other pregnancies and maybe I wouldn’t have the problems or mixed feelings I have. They give you some very good insight about life and living.”

“Words really don’t explain the way Blue Ridge Women’s Center and their wonderful staff helped me throughout my pregnancy by providing me resources to be a wonderful new mother. I tell everyone I know about the Center…You guys truly are an amazing organization.”

“Thank you so much. I can’t express to you how appreciative I am. The gifts that you blessed us with were overwhelming. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. This has been such an amazing time in our lives…I look forward to the time when we will be able to bless others the way you have blessed us.”

“I can’t express how thankful I am for all your support, love, and gifts. You all have been so kind, loving, and understanding. From my first pregnancy, I’ve been helped by your services, such as pregnancy testing and counseling. And now with my fourth baby, I got maternity wear and so many things for the baby, especially diapers. With the prices soaring these days, it has helped our family tremendously. With my previous babies, I could not afford to shop for my own wardrobe due to all the other expenses for the baby and family. Thanks to you, with this baby, I do not have to spend as much, so I was even able to get a few new clothes for me! Thanks for sharing God’s love with others in need. I hope to share the same with others as well.”