About our Classes


Can I bring my children to class with me?
Nursing babies are welcome. Please make other childcare arrangements for children age one or older, as we aren’t able to provide childcare or accommodate older children in the classroom.

Do you mind if my partner comes to the class, too?
Not at all! Childbirth and Baby Care Basics, in particular, are great for new dads wanting to prepare for what’s ahead. Please do let our staff know when you register, though, if you plan to bring a partner or friend along with you, so we can prepare for the right number of students.

Do I have to meet certain eligibility requirements to attend the classes?
Not at all—you’re welcome regardless of your income level or circumstances. Please don’t worry that you might be filling a spot that someone who has fewer resources or less support needs more. Your participation doesn’t add to the cost of providing the classes, and we’re happy to have you there! We even encourage our donors to take advantage of the opportunity to take classes through the Center rather than having to pay for them elsewhere.

How can I earn credits in the Parenting & Life Skills Program for coming to these classes?
Once you’re enrolled in the program, just remember to bring your program booklet to class with you. At the end of the class, your instructor can sign the appropriate blank in your booklet to verify your attendance.

Please note that any information provided by Blue Ridge Women’s Center is for reference only and does not constitute professional advice, nor can it replace regular consultation with your physician or other appropriate professionals.