Medical Services Questions

How soon after I think I might be pregnant can I come in for a test?
We can schedule your appointment two or three days after you miss your period. If you aren’t having regular cycles because of the birth control method you use, a recent pregnancy, or some other circumstance, please explain that when you contact us.

Do I need to bring a urine specimen for my pregnancy test?
No, you can collect your urine specimen after you arrive at Blue Ridge Women’s Center. Just avoid drinking anything for two to three hours before your appointment so that any hCG (the pregnancy hormone) in your urine will be concentrated enough to get an accurate test result.

Can you do a blood test to determine whether I’m pregnant?
We only provide pregnancy testing on urine specimens. If you need a blood test, please contact your doctor or contact us for a referral to a local OB-GYN.

Can you provide pregnancy verification for Medicaid?
Yes, when you have a positive pregnancy test at Blue Ridge Women’s Center. If you’ve had a positive pregnancy test at home but need nurse verification, we’ll just need to do a retest here at the Center first.

Do you provide the morning-after pill? (Also know as emergency contraception, Plan B One-Step®, Next Choice®, or Ella®.)
No, we don’t—but if you’re thinking about taking it, you can find out more about Plan B One-Step®/Next Choice® here or Ella® here.

Do you provide abortions?
No, our medical clinic neither provides nor refers for abortion. However, we do provide medical services that many women considering abortion find beneficial—including limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy test results, verify that you have a viable intrauterine pregnancy, and determine how far into your pregnancy you are.Our medical professionals can answer your questions about abortion, and our pregnancy options consultants offer the opportunity to talk about your concerns and explore your options with someone who has experience addressing the issues unplanned pregnancy can create.

Do you provide ongoing OB-GYN services like annual exams, birth control, pap smears, mammograms, and prenatal care?
Our medical clinic focuses specifically on early pregnancy services: pregnancy testing, verification, and dating by ultrasound. For routine OB-GYN services, you would need to see your regular healthcare provider.

Please note that any information provided by Blue Ridge Women’s Center is for reference only and does not constitute professional advice, nor can it replace regular consultation with your physician or other appropriate professionals.